Danica Patrick Indy Driver says, Love me for my Mind

29 03 2008

Danica Patrick claims new racing weight requirement designed with her in mind

 INDIANAPOLIS (Hollywood Today) – Professional racer Danica Patrick is used to getting extra notice from male racing fans, but she’s not happy with the recent attention the Indy Racing League (IRL) has allegedly focused on her. According to Patrick, the IRL’s new rule that a driver’s weight must be included when factoring a vehicle’s minimum weight is directed squarely at her.

“If someone’s going to take the hit, it’s going to be me,” Patrick told the Associated Foreign Press. “It’s disappointing the league decided to do that. Just your God-given stature is being penalized.”

The new rule means that the 100-pound Patrick, the lightest racer in the league, will have to add bulk to her vehicle to fulfill the new requirement. Before the rule, Patrick, 26, had a small mathematical edge over heavier drivers, whose extra weight, in theory, would slightly slow their vehicles.

Despite having not won a race since her 2005 IRL debut, Patrick has received a large amount of media attention for her gender’s rarity on the racing circuit, as well as her good looks. She has posed for men’s magazine “FHM,” appeared in the 2008 swimsuit issue of “Sports Illustrated” (and on the magazine’s cover in June 2005) and been a spokeswoman for Secret deodorant, car manufacturer Honda and domain registrar Go Daddy. She also raced singer Jay-Z in his “Show Me What You Got” music video

Danica Patrick Indy Driver says, Love me for my Mind Danica Patrick and GoDaddy

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