2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Official Driver Standings: June 4 2011

5 06 2011





1 Carl Edwards 445 Leader 12 2 1 6 9 4,428,830
2 +3 Kevin Harvick 409 -36 12 0 3 5 7 2,589,180
3 -1 Jimmie Johnson 408 -37 12 0 1 4 7 2,399,540
4 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 402 -43 12 1 0 2 6 1,722,760
5 -2 Kyle Busch 392 -53 12 0 2 6 7 2,550,350
6 +3 Kurt Busch 377 -68 12 0 0 2 6 2,391,050
7 -1 Matt Kenseth 374 -71 12 1 2 4 5 2,493,740
8 Clint Bowyer 365 -80 12 0 0 2 6 2,311,630
9 +1 Tony Stewart 356 -89 12 0 0 1 4 2,111,780
10 -3 Ryan Newman 353 -92 12 0 0 4 5 1,997,490


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2011 Daytona 500 Race Results: 20 Year Old Rookie Trevor Bayne wins the Daytona 500

20 02 2011

20 Year Old Rookie Trevor Bayne has won the Daytona 500

Improbably, unbelievably, 20-year-old Trevor Bayne has won the Daytona 500.

A kid who just left his teen years on Saturday won the Great American Race a day later, ushering in NASCAR’s newest star. Amazingly, Bayne has no full-time ride and isn’t even running for points in the Sprint Cup Series this year.

Somehow, Bayne sent the Wood Brothers’ famous No. 21 car to Victory Lane, with a retro David Pearson paint scheme along for the ride.

Runnerup Carl Edwards’ late charge – a push from third-place David Gilliland – was barely not enough to overtake Bayne.

There was a race record for both lead changes and caution flags resulted in one of the strangest Daytona 500s in the 53-year history of the “Great American Race.”

The two-car drafts were prevalent throughout the race – as expected – and there were plenty of crashes because of it. Several star drivers were collected in early wrecks, leaving just a few solid contenders at the end.

Get the  full race results for the 2011 Daytona 500 SBNation.com.


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Trevor Bayne 452.2000 Mhz
461.7250 Mhz

The new Miss Sprint Cup was on the latest season of “The Bachelor.”

5 02 2011

Holy burying the lead, Batman. The new Miss Sprint Cup was on this latest season of “The Bachelor.”

So my boss sends me a news release about the Kim Coon. Breathe easy folks, Paige and Monica are back. And each of those links takes you to a gallery. And you’re welcome. And I like fruit baskets.

The release then gives a brief bio on the new Miss Sprint Cup. Her name is Kim Coon. She’s the blonde on the right. Here’s some release copy verbatim.

Coon was pulled from the world of corporate marketing to join the Miss Sprint Cup lineup. Born and raised in Orlando, Fla., Coon received her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and a master’s degree from the University of Alabama. Always on the go, she’s balanced a career in marketing and PR with her role as an NFL cheerleader and a volunteer with the Susan G. Komen For the Cure campaign.

Upon looking for some pictures on Al Gore’s favorite invention, I stumble across this picture.

Looks awfully similar to the picture in this link, which comes from this season’s “Bachelor.” Kimberly from the show is in marketing, just like Kim from the release. Kimberly was born in Orlando, just like Kim. Kimberly was an NFL cheerleader. Kim was too.

Turns out Kimberly failed to get a rose, which according to my wife is a victory because this year’s bachelor is “Cute, but dumb and occasionally a word that rhymes with boosh.” She watches this show more closely than Ron Jaworski watches NFL game film; so, I trust her judgment. Plus, this article suggests
Kimberly didn’t seemed to bummed to leave.

Read the Rest and see more photos at:  NEW MISS SPRINT CUP A ‘BACHELOR’ CONTESTANT.


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